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Upgrading our cities transportation infrastructure will be necessary for Broomfield's continued cultural and economic success. At a basic level we need to maintain our current roads so they are free of potholes and plowed in the winter, but we must go further if we are to meet the needs of the future. As your councilmember I would:

  • Increasing public transit options

  • Building separated bike lanes

  • Increase the number of sidewalks and widen existing sidewalks

  • Increase the number of EV charging stations

  • Transition to and all electric city fleet


A multimodal and cleaner transportation system will not only be fiscally responsible, but will help the environment, and create a more pleasant living experience for our residents. Achieving these goals will take hard work and collaborating with our regional and state partners such as CDOT, RTD, and DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments). I feel my education from CU and my experience as a bus operator and rail advocate have given me the tools I need to affect change as your city council representative.

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